April 22, 2011

Once Upon a Springtime...

Hi everyone! With the onset of Spring, my "stay-at-home mom" duties multiply ten-fold. My chauffeuring schedule ramps up to an all-time frenzy shuffling my four kids to and from each class, party and/or sporting event. Unlike the airlines, when I'm overbooked, I can't just offer a free ticket or hotel room to get out of my obligation. I must figure out a way to get multiple kids to multiple activities all at the same time. I have yet to master the "carpooling" thing. I usually end up driving more than the other guy...so...I tend to not sign up for that and try to muddle through on my own. In between my crazy driving schedule and my "house-ly duties" of cleaning, washing clothes and cooking meals, I must find a little time for myself to get out and exercise and to play in my studio.

I have two pending swaps for Life on the {Scrap}beach. The one pictured here is almost ready to ship. It is hosted by Krystal and is 6x6 album page swap using the Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime collection. The other swap is a Tim Holtz Dress Form swap which, I confess, I have yet to begin. There may be a late night in my future in order to get these swaps done and out on time...(sigh)

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Tash Daly said...

So gorgeous!!! Such clever use of the papers and space!!! Awesome! :-)