January 27, 2011

A trip to the candy store...

I don't have a lot of down time, but when I do, I spend it on the internet. Looking at blogs, websites, and YouTube videos. I especially enjoying watching YouTube videos of other crafters presenting their recent projects, or original crafting techniques. Usually tucked in amongst those videos is a 'look' into the artist's studio space. I've often been amazed at the incredible studios that some crafters have. Especially the personal craft spaces that scrapbookers and paper crafters inhabit. Each one is unique in layout and sensibilities but they all have one thing in common...a LOT of STUFF!

I always thought I had a LOT of STUFF, but compared to many, I obviously don't. I don't have room for what I do have, let alone more.

We have a decent size house, but, we also have six people living in it. My husband and I share an "office" space. It is HIS "office" first and foremost because that is how we make a living. My husband has a very disciplined work ethic which enables him to work out of our home maintaining a job for a company across the country. Ahhhhh....the internet!

The only problem is that I share the same room he works from as my "studio" space. It doesn't really lend itself to being creative. I would like to play music while crafting, he needs complete silence to work. I like to spread out and make a mess while I'm crafting, he needs it to be picked up and controlled so he can 'think'. He also has many phone and video conferences which means that I can't craft in my jammies, sigh. The space is completely divided in the middle, I get half.  He gets half. However, more often than not, many of my supplies and tools creep over to his side and he has to constantly reestablish the boundary line. It's not ideal.

But, I do feel privileged to have the space I have. I call it my "CANDY STORE". Why? Because I've organized my tools and embellishments in a way that looks like you've just walked into an old fashioned candy store...jars are lined up on shelves, filled with accouterments of every color and organized by color. It reminds of the candy store that was a few blocks down the street from my house where I grew up. It was so exciting to get on my bike and meet my friends at the corner candy store. I remember standing in front of all of those jars of candy...the store owner patiently waiting, while I made my choices. It took me forever to decide, but that was the fun of it. I feel like that now when I look at my jars on the shelves filled with colorful ribbons, chipboard, flowers and embellishments. The joy of seeing all that I have, makes me want to dig in and CREATE!

January 25, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie...

My oldest is appearing on stage in Bye Bye Birdie opening this week. I'm so proud of her.

January 24, 2011

Vintage Valentine Paper Bag Album...

Well, I finally finished my Valentine paper bag album. I haven't had much time to myself lately so it took me a little longer to finish than I had anticipated. By the time I'm done driving my kids to their various activities every night, it's time to go to bed and start the 'same' all over again. I long for those lazy summer days. Especially since it hit -20° here this weekend. Spring and Summer couldn't come fast enough for me.

Here is just a 'hint' of what the album looks like. I tend to make my albums chunky, and this is as chunky as they get! It was a lot of fun to make. I've included lots of vintage photos and many tags and pockets. You can see the full album by visiting my eBay auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Valentine-Love-Mini-Paper-Bag-Album-dDesigns-/330522838528?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cf4b24600#ht_45417wt_1141

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for looking.

January 16, 2011

My next album

A preview of the next album I'm auctioning off on ebay.


Well, I finally did it! I entered the world of blogging...

I am first and foremost a mother of four wonderful children. They are my full-time job.

My husband had no idea when he married me that our life would be this way. He thought our life would be defined as two well-educated, career-minded people who would build their careers and earn enough money to have a fairly easy life...maybe have a couple of kids at most.

Well...life took us in another direction and we are happy that it did.

When we began our family, we felt so blessed that it grew to be more than we could even imagine. I gave up my career in advertising to stay home and raise our children after our first child was born. My husband Alberto has such a great work ethic that he has always been able to provide us with all we need to not only survive but to give our children many opportunities. Our children are growing up to be wonderful people and we are so proud of them. I should mention that my husband works remotely from home so he is able to be present in the kids' lives which is a definite 'plus'!

I am also grateful that I have been able to indulge in my love for art and creativity. Scrapbooking and the paper arts, has given me a creative outlet in which I renew myself. I love playing with different art mediums and I adore all things "paper"! The colors, the patterns, the texture, and the ability to take a 2-demensional object and make it 3-demensional. Rubber stamping and embellishments are my other indulgences. This industry feeds my passion.

I hope you'll follow me and enjoy the adventure into creativity.

I'm Back!

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