April 29, 2013

Preparing for Craft Fair

Obviously I have not been to attentive to this form of communication as of late. It seems that more and more of my time gets sucked into the social-online-media-void and less of my time is spent actually creating something. I am torn between continuing this downward spiral and cutting myself off from what now has become a huge part of my everyday. I need to replace staring at my computer screen with some more constructive activities...which is why I've committed myself to preparing for the Pickerington Antique & Craft Show in Ohio this November. My good friend Chris A Little of This and I decided to jump into the "craft fair pool" together...head first. Wish us luck!

Here is a couple of the things I've created...


and this...


Now I need to step away from the screen and get CREATING! 

I'm Back!

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